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Red Tents, One-on-One, Workshops and Henna

Red Tent

Are you craving a space where you can be unapologetically you? Where you don't have to perform for anyone? Red Tent is an evening of sacred space for women, where stories are shared as we take off the heavy mantles we carry and connect as women.

Each Tent is based around a theme including tools to be better embodied as we grow together and realize it's okay to be, and not always do. Right now due to Corona we have Online Red Tent each week, go to the shop tab to save your spot to join us, or the Red Tent Tab to know more! To host a Red Tent for your group please fill out the contact form!

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Creative Soul Conversations

Feel a little burnt out? Not quite sure where creativity and joy is in your life? Life is too short to not live fully embodied into who you were created to be.

Book a call with me, and we will discover ways you can weave joy, creativity, and balance into your life.  Using my grab bag of tools from meditation, art, prayer, encouragement, and experience as a business owner, teacher, and joy facilitator I can hold space for you to process and grow in a relaxing atmosphere.

Soul Art Workshops

Feel frazzled and uninspired? Soul art is food for your creative spirit. Similar to a paint and sip, but with a guided meditation! Using what you learn in the meditation to paint your unique canvas. You'll leave encouraged, inspired, and reminded that you are a creative person, whose soul is worth tending. Different themes available. After Corona I will be hosting these again in person, or you can hire me to come lead your group!

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Be adorned in this beautiful art form. Henna is a safe, all-natural body art. With over 3 years of experience, you can find me at a local San Antonio’s Farmers Market, or book an appointment or party to have the henna come to you!

Henna can last anywhere from 1.5 weeks to 3 weeks depending on placement, and aftercare. We can add a glitter top coat on your henna to add a bit of sparkle to your design! Whether baby bellies, just for fun, or to try out a new tattoo idea, henna is a fantastic idea!