The Joy Guild

Monthly Guild Tent

Red Tents are places for us to gather and share our stories. Sometimes you can't make a Red Tent, or aren't ready to be vulnerable with a group of eight other women. Guild Tents will be video gatherings where you can interact in the chat, and it will be recorded, meaning you can watch it later, or if you can't make it to the live, you can watch when you are able! Never miss out on a Tent again! The Tents will stay up on the membership site for you to access, meaning the longer you are in The Joy Guild the more it becomes an archive of meditations, prompts, Tents and more!


Guild Gatherings

Are you learning something new and wish you had people to share it with? Once a month we'll gather on zoom to talk about the monthly theme and what is coming up for you about it. Stuck with a situation? Share and get feedback with other Guild Artisans to get ideas on what it is possible moving forward! Throughout the month you can go live in the private facebook group to ask for help, feedback or encouragement, or post a question.  The private facebook group and Circle.So site will allow you to use facebook as little or as much as you'd like as you interact with other guild members!

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And more!

We'll also have a monthly downloadable guided meditation, which helps you connect and listen to your subconscious in a kind and gentle way. Monthly Giveaway, possibly of a Creative Soul Conversation, Fairy Zoom Tea Party, or Red Tent spot! We'll have weekly prompts, I'll do Mermaid Musings of encouragement, and you get first dibs on upcoming events and offerings.

The Joy Guild is $30 a month and doors open October 1st. I hope you join us!


Topic Possibilities

Burn Bright, don't Burn Out!

What does it mean to cultivate curiosity and creativity in your business and life? This is an engaging interactive presentation, where we dive into inner critics, what it means to show up for yourself and others, and how to reduce burn out in the way you live your life.


Mermaid Musings

Wishing for more joy? Wonder where your spark went? This is a great option for you! I have performed as a mermaid entertainer for the past 7 years. I'll inspire your guests to create joy in their life and ignite their wonder and imagination again. (For adults and children alike.)


Anything is Possible!

With my Red Tent and theatre experience, if you have a topic that you would love for me to talk about let me know! I love collaborating and will bring joy, while engaging your guests with embodied learning.


As the owner of In Joy Productions, as well as the 2020 Armed Forces Insurance Lackland AFB Spouse of the Year,  I help bring awareness and education to people of all ages and stages of life. Through storytelling, presentations, and workshops, I embolden others to see the world and themselves with possibilities and wonder. I've spoken at conferences, retreats, schools, and summer camps, let's work together for an engaging fun workshop or presentation your attendees will love.

Review of Burn Bright, Don't Burn Out by Tim Bush of TLB Consulting

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Speaking Testimonials

"Aj is a passionate communicator with lots of energy and enthusiasm. She is a hard worker who is serious about her faith and her message. The sky is the limit for Aj—as she hones her message and serves her audience, she has all the ingredients to be a world changer. In fact, she already is."

-Idelette McVicker

 Founder of SheLoves Magazine

"A lot of business owners are notoriously unsettled souls; when Aj presented she gave us permission to feel, to be connected. She told us it was okay to acknowledge and overcome our inner voice. For me, it was about how you can persevere, and I felt better after, I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement. She was our guide, and regrounded us to our cores, and I am grateful."

Mike Forostoski

Business Owner from Inspire Business Conference

"Aj has such incredible energy, during her presentation, we went from singing and joy-filled, to a little bit of tears as we did some self reflection and it was just beautiful. You need to hire Aj."

Dawn Hill

Entrepreneur from Kona, Hawaii at the Inspire Business Conference