Red Tent

Red Tents are sacred spaces for women to talk about what it means to be an embodied woman in this world. A theme each month involves lessons, questions, and activities to learn from one another how to better move through the world within our different phases of life. At Tent, there is no selling, drinking, children*, or pressure to be anything other than who you are.

*In our online tents we recognize we're all doing the best we can, and so babies on screen are totally fine. We ask that you create a space where you feel you can focus and feel grounded, if that's in your kitchen as they watch TV nearby that's totally fine.

Red Tents are in San Antonio, and online!  If you would like to attend, please click the events tab for upcoming dates, or subscribe to get up to date information. Red Tents online are open faith, and for ALL women, Cis, Trans, and Femme Identifying folk ages +14, and are $20.

To have me facilitate a Red Tent evening at a retreat, conference, or for your women’s group please use the contact button

Gathering as women is what we’ve done since God created us. Let us create new shame-free traditions to pass down to future generations.
*Currently due to Corona, we are only having online Red Tents. Please see our events tab for dates, and our shop to reserve a spot! Partial scholarships are available on request.
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What do attendees say?

"Tent to me is a place where women of all ages, cultures, races, and religious backgrounds can come and be.  A haven of no judgment, only Love. Red Tent is not that Taboo, it is a place to practice and learn that it is ok to be just who you are and how you are and that you will not be burned for it.  I have learned it is ok to have boundaries and to state those, and if others do not understand, then that is ok.  They are on their journey as well. "

-Leah, 53
Grandmother of 3, and Woodworker.

"Aj is an amazing facilitator; the space she creates is exceptionally safe.  Conducive to bringing and exploring all aspects of the feminine: the pain, the pleasure, the confusion, the fun/joy, the need to laze around and do absolutely nothing--everything is welcome and held. If you are seeking a supportive group of femme folk of all generations, Red Tent is a perfect place to find that community"

— Olivia DeJesus, 31
Music Teacher, SE facilitator

"My involvement with Red Tents has lead to so much personal growth. The connection with other supportive women has led to better personal boundaries and balance of work, family, and creative life. I have grown in so many healthy ways as a direct result of this community that Aj started."

— Michaela Macloud, 40
Red Tent Leader, Military Spouse

“Through Red Tent, Aj has helped me to learn more about myself as a woman and get in touch with my truest, most empowered self. The strong, lifelong bonds I’ve made with the women of my community is all thanks to Red Tent. Thank you, Aj, for all the love, encouragement, and enlightenment you have given me through this amazing experience.”

— Olivia Valentine, 27
Mother of 2, Weaver, Military Spouse