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Red Thread: Weaving an Embodied Life of Joy E-Book Pre-Order. You will receive the E-Book via email September 22nd, 2021.

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Red Thread launches on Sept 22nd, and that day you’ll receive an email with an .epub of Red Thread: Weaving an Embodied Life of Joy. With an .Epub document you can read it on your kindle, computer, or any e-reader.


Do you feel trapped in your own skin? Are you longing to break free and show up as your authentic, whole self? Do you crave a sacred connection with your body, your wild soul, and your community?


You aren’t the only one longing to be free and embodied, and author and Red Tent guide Aj Smit is here to help.


With witty humor and charming honesty, Aj helps you navigate thirteen key areas of life like cycles, vulnerability, boundaries, and even what it means to be soul wild. For years, Aj has held virtual and in-person sacred spaces called Red Tents to encourage women to meet their truth, share their stories, and uncover the songs of their souls. Now, you are invited into the Red Tent.


With deep-diving questions, meditations, activities, and stories, Red Thread is your guide to:

* Lean into your life giving cycles and ancient feminine wisdom.

*Cultivate meaningful relationships and abundant creativity.

* Learn to deeply trust your Intuition and Inner Voice.

*BONUS: Red Thread also includes 13 ready-to-use scripts to help you create personal or communal Red Tents to cultivate the skills discussed in each chapter.


Red Thread will empower you, and the women you love, to have the hard and brave conversations which will change the patterns and stories we pass down to future generations.


Let’s weave a life of joy, together in the Red Tent.


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