My Story

Hi Lovely! I'm Aj, a military spouse, enneagram 7, Hufflepuff, and Hot Chocolate connoisseur. I love Jesus and have performed as Mermaid Harmony around the world for the past 7 years. In doing so, I've learned our world is filled with wonder and possibilities that await our embracing.

At 27, when I was about to get a hysterectomy I realized as women, there are things we don't talk about. We stay silent and suffer alone. In seeking to change the narrative regarding womb health and womanhood, I discovered Red Tents and fell in love, deciding to start one while being stationed in Germany.  What started as four women creating sacred space in my living room, has now grown to include retreats, multiple Red Tents, Soul Art workshops, and more.

My heart is that all women, regardless of faith or background, have a seat at the table. By sharing our stories in brave sacred spaces, we cultivate fierce belonging with one another. I'm here for showing up fully as we were created to be: together, with embodied joy, and of course sparkles.

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What is In Joy Productions about?

We are about creating evenings of sacred space where you feel the air has possibilities in it. Events with growth, color, art, learning, and discovering new parts of yourself. Whimsy. Wonder. Belonging. Joy.

Where you don't have to leave a part of yourself at the door.

Where you can be odd and fully present.

Where creativity and faith and womanhood can all be talked about.

Being in awe at how big our world is, how connected we are, and all we can unfurl to be. The liminal space; where the glitter grows. Where we use both our right and left brains in tandem to improve as people; using our imaginations as tools for exploring all of who we were created to be. Showing up fully in the world right where we are. We stand for: curiosity, embodied joy, and fierce belonging.

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Aj lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Jeremy, two pups, and a bucket of glitter for emergencies. She writes for Military Spouse Magazine, MilSpo. Co, GEMS Girls' Club, and The Agenda. Join the facebook group Embodied in Joy to stay up-to-date and get first dibs on retreats and events!